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Orcal Canopy


  • Orcal Canopy Ceiling
  • Orcal Canopy Ceiling

Orcal Canopy is the is the metal canopy solution within a extensive range of discontinuous ceilings and canopies. Orcal canopies come in different designs (flat, concave and convex) and give the designer or specifier the ability to:

  • Create spaces or areas within larger spaces or rooms and add definition with loacal acoustic comfort (speech intelligibility) to an area or working zone.
  • Provide a high level of design flexibility as the Canopies come in three different designs and can be used independently or as groups and arrays.

The Orcal canopy panels come as standard with a high durability paint finish making them easy to clean and maintain. The Canopies have an Extra Microperforation pattern that provides a clean monolithic visual with good acoustical and light reflectance performances. The Canopy is fully enclosed ensuring that if the reverse face is visible it fully compliments the design.


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